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Over a Decade of Delivering the Highest Quality Fertilizers

To have your lawn look its best, trust in 46 Lawn and Garden Products.  We pride our selves in supplying only the highest quality of products at a competitive price.  We understand what complete customer satisfaction means.

Why choose us

To have your lawn look its best, you need the best products. It takes a combination of moisture and sun to make lawn and gardens grow, but its soil nutrition that makes it flourish.

Excellent Service

Call us anytime of the day, we are available to answer any questions or concerns.  We strive for timely delivery on all orders, big or small.

Quality And Reliability

Every bag is individually inspected prior to shipping.  Our quality control is second to none.

Clean Working

Our product is triple screened for foreign material and lumps, making the product flow seamlessly through your spreader.

Expert Farmer

Where do you think we got the idea?  Farmers are the professionals at growing plants.  If you don’t believe me, then ask one.

Family standing on green lawn

About Us

We come from an agricultural background, and discovered this product talking to other farmers and agronomists.  We tried it on our lawn, and couldn’t believe the results.  We felt like we had to share this with the commercial and residential consumer.  These are not the regular fertilizers you find in the big box department stores.  They don’t have the proper agriculture ingredients needed for the proper application method.

What is stabilized nitrogen?

Our fertilizer is treated not coated, which stabilizes the urea in the soil making the nitrogen as effective as possible.  This treatment inhibits urea from being converted into volatile ammonium, by inhibiting the free urease enzyme in the soil.